FAQ's for Low Cost Business Suppliers
FAQ's for Low Cost Business Suppliers
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Lowcostbusinesssuppliers.co.ukThe cheap business supplier site


Can you guarantee to have found the cheapest business suppliers?

Prices change and companies spring up all the time, so no company in any industry, can guarantee to be the cheapest business supplier in the U.K. Despite this, these business suppliers were carefully chosen after spending months conducting our own stringent price comparison, only selecting those we considered be the best value business suppliers per category.
The increase in revenue these business suppliers receive through our referrals affords them to maintain these great prices and remain highly competitive. In many cases some business suppliers even agreed to offer additional business discounts via promotional codes, exclusively for this site.

I believe we are the cheapest business supplier for what we do, how can I tender to be on your site?

We approach suppliers off of the back of our own price comparison findings. However if you are convinced that you are the most competitive business suppliers of your type and can demonstrate this, or want to reduce your prices exclusively for this site, you can contact us.

Please drop us an email to info@lowcostbusinesssuppliers.co.uk with some price examples and see our page on 'Cheap Business Suppliers' for more info.

I have sent the quote referral form but not received a call from the business supplier.

Assuming you have completed the referral form in full giving all the details requested, you will be receiving a call back within 24 - 48 hours. If for whatever reason you have not received a call back from the business supplier after two working days, please drop us an email to info@lowcostbusinesssuppliers.co.uk and we will happily chase this up for you.

I know a couple of highly competitive business suppliers, do you want to price check them?

Again, we approach business suppliers off of the back of our own price comparisons, this is so we can remain impartial when the business suppliers are price checked for competitiveness. However we would be happy to consider adding any recommendations you may have to our price check list. Please email us details to info@lowcostbusinesssuppliers.co.uk.

Have you price checked all of the business suppliers?

In some instances we found it virtually impossible to accurately price check some of the business suppliers as a few were reluctant to disclose their prices to us (probably the ones who know they are expensive). Each page has details of the price comparison findings, or in the absence of any conclusive data being collected, details of why we believe the supplier represents a sound choice. This was often based on our own first-hand experience from extensively testing the service or product offered to access the value for money.

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