Low Cost Lease Cars, Cheap Lease Cars, Vehicle Leasing Deals
Low Cost Lease Cars, Cheap Lease Cars, Vehicle Leasing Deals
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Low Cost Lease Cars

To view the latest sourced low cost lease car deals, click on the link below.

If you take out any personal vehicle lease contract, the processing fee will be discounted £25.00. Activate your discount by quoting 'LCBS' over the phone or by selecting 'LCBS' on the 'where did you hear about us' section on the call back forms.

Hundreds of nationwide low cost lease cars sourced daily.

View the latest low cost lease cars>

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Please note although the above car leasing prices were taken recently from the suppliers site, the prices can change daily. Please visit the suppliers site for updated low cost lease car prices as only the current prices on their site are applicable!

Why choose this low cost lease cars provider?

We conducted our own lease car price comparison searching numerous suppliers looking for the cheapest one to appear as our low cost lease car supplier.

Taking into account all contract costs, we judged this particular lease car supplier to offer the be best value overall, finding them exceptionally competitive across the board on all of the car lease deals we price compared. Their methods insure their lease car deals remain competitive by constantly sourcing the latest low cost lease car deals nationwide.

Lease Car Price Comparison Findings

We price compared how fourteen different lease car companies fared against each other, taking into account all costs calculating the total contract prices on a range of like for like models.


During price comparison we found that there are huge differences in pricing between car lease companies. Some were found to be consistently high in price across the board, while others seemed more reasonable, but had huge mark ups on certain vehicles. - This low cost lease car provider was consistently highly competitive on all the lease car models accessed.


In addition, unlike many others, they have a whole range of contract schemes to suite every client, whether it is a commercial or personal car or van lease.

Some contracts even permit you to buy the lease vehicle for a pre-fixed fee at the end of the agreement. We feel it is noteworthy this low cost lease car company are confident enough in their pricing to offer a vehicle lease price match policy.


We are also pleased to announce that they were willing to offer discounted lease car deals, exclusively for this site with free delivery nationwide.


TIP: Click on this link to follow our guide on Getting a cheap vehicle lease deal.


TIP: To work out how much you can save on annual road tax and fuel with a new lease vehicle, see our exclusive 'Road tax and calculate fuel savings between cars calculator'.

Best Low Cost Lease Car Deals

Don't just take our word for it, see what their own customers are saying about them, and there are plenty more testimonials like this on their site.

Best Lease Car Provider, Cheapest Lease Vehicles sourced Lease Car Testimonials

Contract Vehicle Leasing Terminology

To find out what PCP, PCH and HP vehicle finance means, please visit our 'Cheap Lease Vans' page via the link below.

PCP, PCH & HP vehicle finance explained>

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