Calculating Fuel Saving Between Different Cars, Fuel Saving Calculator
Calculating Fuel Saving Between Different Cars, Fuel Saving Calculator The cheap business supplier site cheap business supplier site

Annual road tax & fuel saving between cars calculator

Depending on the MPG and age of your current vehicle, there are potentially huge annual savings to be made on fuel and road tax with a new lease vehicle.

We suggest you to try our exclusive Road Tax & Fuel Savings Between Cars Calculator below to work how much you can save with a new lease vehicle, we think you will be surprised!


If you have not already done so, it is also worth discovering the actual costs associated with a vehicle lease contract on our 'Getting a Cheap Vehicle Lease' page.

Fuel savings to be made with a new cheap lease vehicle.

According to www.fuel-economy (dot) the U.K average MPG (Miles per gallon) is just 37.83. If you drive 10,000 miles per year in line with the national average MPG, then a new petrol engine Citroen C1 lease vehicle, (average MPG 65.7) would save you a massive £658.00 per year just on petrol (Based on the average U.K petrol price of £1.29p a litre (www.petrolprices (dot) com) and on www.autotrader (dot) MPG stats for a Citroen C1).

Road Tax savings to be made with a new cheap lease vehicle

New lease cars tend to have much cheaper car tax. The new Citroen C1 currently has £0.00 road tax, where some of the older cars, depending on engine size (if registered before 1/3/2001 or emissions if registered after 1/3/2001) tend to have to pay our around the £200.00 per year mark.

Download our Annual Road Tax and Fuel Savings Between Cars Calculator

Calculate fuel savings between cars with our calculator!
This calculator calculates the annual road tax and fuel saving to be made from getting a new more economical lease vehicle.
Calculate Fuel Savings Between Cars Calc[...]
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