Low cost SEO, Best Value SEO Package, Click Submit SEO Promo Code, SEO Discount Code
Low cost SEO, Best Value SEO Package, Click Submit SEO Promo Code, SEO Discount Code
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Low Cost SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

At just £19.99 a month (inc VAT), this low cost SEO package is proven to enhance your search engine rankings, putting your business in front of numerous new clients who are actively searching for the services or goods you sell.

We use them ourselves and have had incredible results as shown below.


We have teamed up with Click Submit to provide you the best Click Submit Promo code LCBS077, giving 3 months FREE SEO, with no contracts thereafter.

Clicking on the image below visits the Click Submit site whilst automatically activating our SEO promo code.

Click Submit's Proven SEO Strategy

They make sure your site is search friendly & optimised for your search terms.

  • Pick up to 10 keywords (search terms) and every 3 months you can add more
  • Meta Data inspected and optimised for maximum performance
  • Unique SEO software mimics search engine spiders and reports what changes are required, with the results detailed in your quarterly reports.
  • SEO package includes 24/7 to your control panel, allowing you to seamlessly manage all aspects of your SEO campaign.

Search Engine Submission & Manual Link Building

  • Your website is submitted to every search engine in the world
  • Website is submitted to a list of carefully selected directories
  • Portfolio of natural relevant inbound links to your site built and maintained at a sustained rate of between 100 and 300 links per quarter.

FREE use of Click Submit's 'Like to Follow' system, allowing you to build huge followings on Facebook & Twitter, superb for free advertising & boosting page rank.

FREE use of Click Submit's 'Connect System' allowing you to forge mutually beneficial business arrangement and post special offers in front of hundreds of businesses.

Other FREE products included, plus numerous optional extras to give your site an extra boost.

Highly Effective Low Cost SEO

We use Click Submit ourselves as our sole SEO (Search engine optimisation) provider, only using their core low cost SEO package. We have had amazing results so far and as time goes on our google page rank continues to improve.


This proven SEO product alone has allowed us to achieve page one on google for several of our main keywords.


Click Submit have increased our page rank not only in google, but also in Bing and Yahoo. We have shown recent screen shots of our own page one SEO rankings to prove how effective their SEO package has been for us in the hope that this encourages you to take the leap of faith like we did.

Their core SEO product has also helped us build hundreds of followers on Facebook and Twitter, which are very powerful free marketing tools.

Click on this link to find out more on why Click Submit are a sound choice for affordable, proven SEO, or click here for our Click Submit Promo Code.

Low cost SEO package, Proven SEO stratergy, Cheap proven SEO Low cost SEO in action - Page one on google.
Low cost SEO, Proven SEO, Cheap SEO, Best Value SEO Proven SEO Package - Page one on Bing
Click Submit Discount Code, SEO Discount Code, Low Cost SEO, Proven SEO stratergy Click Submit's SEO results - Page one on Yahoo

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