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Free Social Media Likes, Cheap Social Media Likes, Facebook Likes, Twitter Followers The cheap business supplier site cheap business supplier site

Free Social Media Likes, Follows and Shares Exchange

We have found and tested for you a low cost SEO tool permitting you to affectively boost your social media audiences in a way which seems natural to search engines.


You can earn social media likes and follows for free or securely purchase them. The prices are listed at the bottom of this page but it costs from under a penny per like. The min. spend of £3.30 equating to 1000 credits / 166 likes, follows, re-pins etc.

To make the most of this social media tool, please make sure you read our five points below on making these likes and follows seem natural to search engines.

Why increase social media audiences with likes and follows?

  • 'Liked' Facebook pages are also advertised to their friends via news feeds.
  • If your page has more likes, it is more likely to be displayed in the search results on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc when people search for pages.
  • If your Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus page links into your website, search engines will look at your social media audiences as an indicator of the popularity of your business and take this into account when ranking your site.

What we like about this social media likes and follows provider

They cover a huge range of different social media types, such as:-

  • Facebook Likes, Facebook Shares, Facebook Comments      
  • YouTube Likes, YouTube Comments, YouTube Views            
  • Twitter Followers, Twitter Retweets, Twitter Favourites
  • Google Shares, Google Circles
  • Pinterest Likes, Pinterest Re-pins, Pinterest Followers
  • SoundCloud Followers, SoundCloud Likes, SoundCloud Listening  
  • StumbleUpon Followers
  • Instagram Followers, Instagram Likes, Instagram Comments


You are in full control, crucially allowing you to make your likes and follows seem natural to search engines with options from your control panel such as:-


  1.  Choosing which country your Social media likes and follows will come from, this is important as an influx of foreign social media likes and follows may look suspicious from the point of view of a search engine.

  2.  Regulating the frequency by adjusting the value of the credits available to the people liking or following your pages. The more credits you make available per like or follow, the quicker your social media audience grows.
  3.  Enabling you to evenly distribute the amount of likes and follows per social media page by setting daily credit or total credit limits per page. This helps give a natural representation, for example you could have similar amounts of likes and follows between your Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus pages.
  4.  You are also able to pause receiving likes and follows to individual pages, this is helpful if you want to address an imbalance. For example, it may look unnatural to have 500 Facebook likes and 20 Twitter follows, so you can pause likes to your Facebook page meaning your remaining credits will be used for follows to your Twitter page instead.
  5.  Purchasing of likes and follows without a contract, allowing you to buy a sensible amount. Search engines may get suspicious of sites that have thousands of social media likes and follows yet only a handful of site views.


We find this Social Media Likes and Follows tool very simple and easy to use.  You select the social media type i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc , input your social media page links and manage as shown in the below example for the Facebook Likes page control panel.

For more useful SEO information, feel free to check out our SEO tips page.

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