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Free SEO Tips

This page is dedicated to helping you to crack the google SEO mystery.

Below we will post our own free SEO tips as well as any other reliable info we find from around the web.

We also encourage you to share any pearls of SEO wisdom for us to post on this site, please email for your proven SEO tips.

We would like to stress that we only want to post proven SEO tips based on your own personal experience with SEO.

Proven SEO Tips:

Our main finding so far is that the title tags are of crucial importance to SEO.  If your main keywords do not appear in your pages title tag, then it may be prudent to make some changes. Remember, only the first 66 characters are recognised by google!

Social Media 'Likes' and 'Follows'

Social media audience is undoubtedly having an increasing influence in search engine algorithms and sites with high numbers of Google plus, Facebook and Twitter page followers stand to benefit from higher page rankings.

SEO companies are taking advantage of this insight providing various ways to enhance audiences and are getting positive results. As with all search engine optimisation practices, it is prudent to bear in mind that the search engines algorithms are constantly being adapted to spot any unnatural anomalies.

In the case of obtaining unnatural social media likes and follows, you need to cover your tracks to make sure they look natural to a search engine.

For example if you pay a company to give you 1000 Facebook likes overnight, please give consideration to the fact the search engines may be wondering why:-

  • Your Twitter pages have not increased at the same rate the Facebook pages.
  • Your social media page follows are not increasing at this rate every day.
  • So many of your likes and follows came from outside of the U.K.
  • The size of your audience is disproportionate to the number of your site visits.


The Click Submit SEO package we use has its own inbuilt like to follow system whereby you can build your own social media audiences at a steady and natural rate with your Facebook and Twitter pages increasing at approximately the same rate from U.K based social media users.

If you want to buy likes and follows we have also found a low cost social media likes tool  which we find compliments the SEO package brilliantly, again allowing you to acquire U.K likes and follows at a natural steady rate.

The perfect search engine optimised page layout

           The Perfectly Optimised Page Layout          (For the keyword phrase Low cost SEO)

Page Title:

Low cost SEO | (up to 66 characters)

Meta Description:'s low cost SEO provider was found to offer an amazing value white hat SEO solution that any business can afford.

H1 Headline:

Low cost SEO from

Image File Name:

Low cost-SEO.jpg

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