Business Energy Tips, How to switch Business Energy Suppliers
Business Energy Tips, How to switch Business Energy Suppliers The cheap business supplier site cheap business supplier site

Things to consider when changing suppliers

Below we have provided you a few pointers and things to consider when changing your businesses gas and electricity supplier. If you don't have time to read them all now, please just quickly familiarise yourself with the first two points as we feel these are particularly important.

Don’t stay on an 'out of contract' tariff with your business gas or electric supplier

You need to always be in a contract, even if you don't want to switch supplier! If your contract tie in period has lapsed, you are likely to be paying well over the odds on an out of contract rate. Businesses who have never switched before typically save a huge 30%, largely because they have spent a long time on out of contract rates.

Get organised well in advance of your energy contract expiry

Usually you will receive a renewal offer 2 months before your contract expires. You need to factor in giving your supplier a notice period if you intend to switch supplier. If you leave it to the contract end date to switch, you will get stuck on an often far more expensive 'out of contract'. Set a reminder on your computer, smartphone or calendar to take action early, we suggest you start thinking about this 6 months before the end of your respective gas and electric contracts. With our switching service, you will get an email automatically to remind you.

No cooling off periods with business energy contracts

A cooling off period is a small period of time from the start of a contract where you have a chance to opt out. When it comes to business energy contracts, there are no cooling off periods. If you want to find out more about a particular energy supplier, you can call the number provided during our switching service to speak to an energy advisor.

Understand the basic jargon from your energy bill

To switch you will need your gas Meter Pointer Reference Number (MPRN) or electricity Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN) from your bill. Your bill or renewal letter will have a 'Notice Period End Date' (don't confuse with 'Contract End Date') and it is vital you inform your current energy supplier of your intention to switch before this date. Once you have switched inform your old energy supplier asap so there is no confusion with your bills.

Business gas and electric contracts are separate

Even if you have one supplier catering for both your business gas and electric, the contracts will in fact be completely separate for each. It is important to be aware that as each contract will tend to have different starting, ending and 'Notice Period End Dates'.

Give frequent gas and electric meter readings

It is worth giving frequent gas and electric meter readings to the supplier as doing this as it enables them to generate an accurate bill. This allows you to budget affectively and reduces the likelihood of being left with a hefty outstanding payment at the end of the contract.

Don't miss out and be put off but the smaller energy suppliers

If a smaller business energy supplier offers the best deal, please take it. Don't be concerned about their size or if you are not familiar with them. All suppliers on our switching service can be trusted and many of the smaller suppliers have recently gone on to become major players in the competitive market place. If an energy supplier was to fold, your supply would continue and you would be looked after by OFGEM's under the supplier of last resort scheme.

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