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Your FAQ's 

How soon can I apply for new energy supplier?

The earliest you can apply for a new business energy contract is 120 days before your Contract End Date, but act early as it can take as long as a month for the new supplier to take over your supply arrangements.

How often are these energy prices updated?

The prices shown can change daily and this all depends on the supplier. The quote page indicates when the prices were last updated.


What is the SIC code and why is it required?

The SIC code (Standard Industrial Classification of Economic Activities) is used to classify business by their type of economic activity. Certain suppliers will only make available price plans to certain activity groups which is why we need to ask your code. Below is more info on finding your SIC code.

Information on finding you SIC code.
Details on how to find your SIC code
Finding SIC Code.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [344.2 KB]

Why do you ask if I am a micro business?

Ofgem introduced rules to protect Micro businesses with regard to the provisions of contract T&C's, and contract roll-over. Suppliers have a stricter set of guidelines in respect of this for Micro Businesses which they must adhere to.

Why do you ask about a Change of Tenancy?

Businesses in new premise do not have an energy consumption history and it is important to make the suppliers aware. Some energy suppliers offer Price Plans on a short term basis that allow a new tenant to gather consumption history to enable them to select a suitable Price Plan. It also allows the supplier to recognise that your consumption figure is estimated so they will be better placed to manage any shortfall or over use at the premises.

What are MPAN and MPRN?

The MPAN is your electricity Meter Point Administration Number, it is unique to the premises and can be found on your bill.  The MPRN is your gas Meter Point Reference Number, it is also unique to the premises and found on your gas bill.

Why is my contract end date important?

Note down your 'contract end date', it will be detailed in your contract. This is important as if you quote the wrong date your supply application will probably be rejected. If you wait too long to switch your arrangement may automatically renew and you could be liable to pay a termination fee if you want to switch to a cheaper supplier.

What is the Supply Type and how do I know what mine is?

The Supply Type refers to the type of supply arrangements at your premises and should be detailed on your energy bill. Supply Types relate to the consumption level, the way energy is used and the manner in which it is metered. Common Supply Types include Standard (single meter), Evening Weekend (2 meters), Economy 7 (2 meters) and Off-peak (can be a multiple of meters). If you are unsure of your Supply Type your existing supplier can confirm this for you.

Who will I be contracting with?

The contract will strictly be between you and the energy supplier that provides the tariff you select. This service acts as a platform for you to make an application for supply and the supplier in turn confirms that they have accepted this application, and that your supply has transferred over to them.

How much does this service cost?

Some brokers will claim that their switching service is 'FREE' but in reality it's not. It is true that you will not pay us or the 3rd party providing this platform a penny, but it should be noted that the suppliers will pay a commission to all Third Party Intermediaries (TPIs) and those commissions are pre build into the prices quoted. Commission payments will vary depending on the supplier and any charges levied by the TPI.

We aim to be as transparent as possible and uniquely show the TPI Commissions on the Quote page where authorised to do so by the Supplier. If a Supplier does not want these shown we can happy to let you know the TPI Commission specific to your application, but only once you have made an Application ID.

How long does it take to switch energy suppliers?

Switching energy suppliers takes approximately six to eight weeks. The length of time this takes is dependent upon the quality of the information you supply on your application. If the Contract End Date is incorrect or if you have not served notice on your current energy provider, the switch can take longer.

If I change supplier, will my supply equipment need changed?

In a word, no. Your Business energy will still be supplied to you through your existing equipment. It will just be a new energy supplier sending the bill.

Can I terminate my energy contract at any time?

There will be termination provisions detailed within your contract. The supply agreement you signed should outline how you can terminate and what penalties may apply. Note, with business energy contracts there is no cooling off period.

What's the Supply Start Date?

The SSD is the date your new supply will begin. You should apply for a new supply arrangement as soon as your existing contract permits to avoid a gap between the Contract End Date and your SSD. If this happens, you may be charged a more expensive 'out of contract' or 'deemed' rate by your original supplier until your new supply contract is in force.

What are 'out of contract' or 'deemed' rates?

These rates are higher than the average markets rates, Ofgems website suggests these can be as much as 80% higher. They tend to apply to businesses which are new to the premises or have or have terminated their existing contract but failed to switch supplier. Thankfully you only have to give 28 days notice to switch from a deemed contract.

What is Half Hourly Metering and Non Half Hourly Metering?

Half Hourly (HH) is a term used for premises with a consumption greater than 100kW of electricity. The electricity meters usually measure the consumption on a half hourly basis. If you have a HH meter, your MPAN should start 00. You should make sure you select a price plan which is an HH Price Plan.

Non Half Hourly (NHH) is a term used for premises with a consumption of less than 100kW of electricity. The meters are usually manually read although some types give Automatic Meter Readings (AMR's). The MPAN should start 03 to 08. Again you need to make sure you are on the relevant price plan.

If I am unhappy with my Supplier who can I complain too?

You should direct your complaint to the energy supplier to start with. They will have a full complaints procedure. If you complaint in not resolved, you can direct your complaint to Ombudsman Services at You cannot approach the ombudsman service until you have completed the suppliers complaint procedure.

Am I exempt from paying Climate Change Levy?

To find out if you are exempt from paying CCL, you will need to contact the HMRC on 08450109000

What rate of VAT should I be paying for my business energy?

VAT on business energy is charged as per the current VAT rate.

Some businesses qualify for a lesser rate (currently 5%) if they use on average less than 33kWh daily of electricity and/or less than 145kWh daily of gas. Also charitable organisations qualify too.

What are Feed-in Tariff (FiT) charges and why do I pay for them?

Businesses utilising micro-generation renewable technologies receive a subsidy for the energy they generate. This is paid for by a levy on every unit of energy bought by everyone who uses electricity. Energy suppliers used to simply hide the FiT charged into their bills, however some suppliers now separate this and pass it directly to the customer. The price comparison service calculates the annual estimated cost with the FiT charges included to keep the price comparison fair, but note you may be billed separately for FiT charges.

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