New Business Start ups, How to create a website, example of a web hosted website
New Business Start ups, How to create a website, example of a web hosted website The cheap business supplier site cheap business supplier site

Creating a website for your new business 

Having experienced the difficulties faced with setting up a new business myself, I have a genuine passion for supporting new business start-ups wherever I can.

In particular I felt compelled to create this page to serve as encouragement for new business owners who are toying with the idea of setting up a website.


I feel far too many new business start-ups are put off creating the website they would undoubtedly benefit from, due to the three misconceptions below.

I hope that dispelling these myths will help a few new business start-ups take the same leap of faith I did in 2013 in setting up this website. I will also share how this can be achieved cheaply and affectively.


1) Creating and maintaining a website always requires technical skill.

2) Websites are always very expensive to create and maintain.

3) Once created it costs a fortune to get the site to rank highly in search engines.


The truth is, website creation and maintenance along with optimising it to rank well in search engines (SEO), need only be expensive if you are paying someone to do it.

With just basic computer literacy skills you can create a website, manage it and do the SEO yourself, which is precisely what I do with this site.


You may be pleasantly surprised to hear that this very website and its SEO, together only costs  approx. the same as an average mobile phone contract and I consider my computer literacy skills to be average at best.


The web hosting and SEO companies we use

My site is an example of a web hosting website, I created it and manage it entirely through an online web hosting package. I simply log on to use their software platform when I want to edit it. The webhosting including our '' domain costs a mere £11.99 per month inc. VAT.  


My sites impressive page rankings across several keywords, is achieved by using a single, low cost SEO package with a different supplier. Again you do not need to be an expert to use the SEO package I use and it costs just £16.66 per month inc. VAT. You can see the results for yourself, if you type in our main keyword phrase 'cheap business suppliers' into any search engine you should find us on page one.


I find these two suppliers complement each other brilliantly, as I can easily implement any changes to my site recommended by the SEO company with my web hosting package.


If you have a business idea or are thinking of creating a website for your new business, I would highly recommend giving it a go. For under £30.00 a month it is certainly worth a try, as if you don't you may end up regretting it.


Via the following links, you can contact the supplier of the low cost web hosting package I use for this site, along with more information on web hosting in general.


This link allows you to seek more information on the SEO package that I use and the SEO supplier has kindly agreed to offer 3 months free SEO exclusively through this site and with no contracts necessary. I have also provided a few SEO tips to help with your page optimisation along with details of a free social media marketing tool which I believe you would find very useful.

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