Web Hosting Explained, What is Web Hosting
Web Hosting Explained, What is Web Hosting
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What is web hosting?

Web hosting is a popular, straight forward and surprisingly affordable way of creating a website, whether it be a personal one or a professional business one.

Web hosting is perfect for sole traders (including those who do not have any web design knowledge) and small to medium sized businesses to create fully functional websites.

Instead of paying for Specialist Company to look after a website or paying a web developer to create a site locally stored on a PC, people can now make great savings by creating their own sites by logging into a web hosting company online.

How easy is it to use web hosting?

Essentially web hosting is quite easy. We would urge you not be put off, web hosting really does not require too much technical nous, like anything it is more a question of getting used to using it rather than not being able to do it.

Getting used to a web hosting package is much like when you first use an email account from a different provider, it only seems daunting / difficult for the time it takes to become accustomed to it. Once you have had a play around with all of the web hosting tool bar options, you realise that it is in fact quite easy.

There tends to be 24/7 support available through most web hosting packages if you get stuck. Also a lot of the web hosting providers will offer money back guarantees for an initial period, to enable you to try out their web hosting package first.

What does a web hosting company provide?

In essence, for a modest cost a web hosting company would provide you a means of creating your own personal or business website and host it for you online.


A web hosting package would provide a simple means of creating a website address (domain name), and they would register your web address for you. Domain names only cost a few pounds a year, and they tend to include the cost of one domain name in their web hosting package. A web hosting company would provide you a login to access and edit your site online, and once created, you can create a site and make unlimited adjustments to it.


Web hosting packages will have a variety of different design templates and different fonts for you to choose from to personalise your web site to make it look highly professional. The web hosting package would have tool bars allowing you to easily insert headings, text pages, images, and tables to your site. Depending on the web hosting provider, they would generally include many other features such as slide show photo galleries, videos, contact forms, comments boxes, file downloads etc.

You would also have access to your own control panel allowing you to create additional user I.D's and change site passwords etc.


Some web hosting packages would also include in the price your own online email account allowing you to create numerous personal work email addresses.

These email accounts can be set up to be connected to Microsoft Outlook and other more familiar software packages if required and can even be configured to alert your smart phone for when you are on the move.

If ever you get stuck, you can contact the web hosting tech teams which usually offer 24 / 7 support, although some providers would charge for such calls.


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